Police say ‘phantom patrols’ are not working yet

Police say ‘phantom patrols’ are not working yet


The patrol police car seen recently on the roads of Kiev under the guise of a “civilian” Skoda Kodiaq has not yet been accepted into operation. The police explained why.

In mid-August, a Skoda Kodiaq policeman was spotted and photographed on the streets of Kiev. It was a “phantom” – a seemingly ordinary car, which is actually a police car with special equipment for fixing traffic violations in traffic and hidden special signals. It is assumed that such patrols will be able to more effectively discipline drivers, since the intruder will not guess about the surveillance until he is required to stop. The first four “phantoms” were presented back in December 2020 and in the future there will be more of these machines.

However, as the first deputy head of the Patrol Police Department, Aleksey Beloshitskiy, told UBR, despite the appearance of a “phantom” on the roads recorded in the photo, such patrols have not yet begun to work.

“They are not working yet, and no one has left. “Phantoms” are now going through the procedures of registration, registration, certification and everything else, according to the agreement, “he said.

Beloshitskiy also stressed that the agency of infrastructure projects (Ukrinfraproekt), which has contractual obligations with the supplier, was engaged in the purchase of cars. Therefore, the patrol police in this case does not act as a beneficiary and is waiting for the “finished product” to be handed over to them.

“When they are handed over to us, we will let you know. They won’t go on the roads just like that, without our notification to the public, ”added the first deputy chief of the patrol police. At the same time, Beloshitsky did not agree to name at least an approximate timeframe for the withdrawal of “phantoms” to the streets in an operating mode with the fixation of violations and the issuance of fines.

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