Police stopped Tesla driverless at the wheel

Police stopped Tesla driverless at the wheel


In California, police stopped a Tesla Model 3 electric car, which was moving along the highway in autopilot mode. At the same time, there was no driver behind the wheel of the car. The owner of the electric car was found in the back seat of a Tesla. This is stated in the message of the local police department on Facebook. The police stressed that initially other road users drew attention to Tesla without a driver, who called the emergency service.

As a result, law enforcement officers decided to arrest 25-year-old Param Sharma. Charges were brought against the young man on two counts: “dangerous driving” and “disobeying the demands of law enforcement agencies.” At the same time, the investigation of the incident is still ongoing. All this time Tesla Model 3 will be in the parking lot.

Tesla has repeatedly emphasized that autopilot is an auxiliary function and requires the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel. The car is constantly reminded of this and automatically slows down until the driver puts his hands on the steering wheel. This is also stated in the manual for electric cars. How Sharma was able to drive the car while in the back seat is not specified.

However, Tesla has already launched beta testing of a proprietary next-generation Autopilot feature called FSD (Full Self Driving). Elon Musk emphasized that this one could become a breakthrough in the development of a system in which artificial intelligence will be entirely responsible for controlling a car, navigating in space and making decisions.

For example, a demo video shows how a Tesla Model 3 electric car with a new system, without the participation of the driver, stops in front of traffic lights, changes lanes, overtakes, exits the highway to an interchange and comes back.

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