Police tracked down the stolen Nissan using AirPods headphones

Police tracked down the stolen Nissan using AirPods headphones


In the city of Galesburg, Illinois, the hijackers did not rest even on Christmas. At around 10 p.m. Thursday, December 23, police received a call from a man claiming that his 2014 Nissan Frontier pickup had been hijacked, local newspaper The Register Mail reported. The owner himself was having fun at a party at this time. He knew he was going to drink alcohol, and planned to walk home, while inadvertently leaving his keys in the car. However, he also left the AirPods there, which eventually helped to quickly find the loss.

It was not difficult to track down the hijacker: the owner of the pickup truck opened the Find My iPhone application, which shows the geolocation of Apple devices equipped with a GPS module. With his help, it was possible to find out that the Frontier was in a parking lot nearby – there he was found safe and sound. It is not known whether something was missing from the cabin, but it is noteworthy that the thief did not take the AirPods themselves.

Sometimes trackers, on the contrary, help attackers. Modern auto makers use smart AirTags that can be attached to devices and things. The purpose of the device is to help in the search for the lost, but hijackers often hook AirTag to the bumpers of cars and thus track down the targets they like. For example, in Canadian Ontario, five cases of theft using Apple’s beacon have been recorded since September.

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