Porsche 911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 Carrera S


Jeremy takes the Porsche 911 Carrera S out for a spin to see if there really is any difference between it and the previous model. Clip taken from Series 5 Episode 1. Subscribe: WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

we’ve decided to kick off with the Porsche 911 you see when it was launched lock for 5000 years ago it was very fast and very dangerous but then over the years they made it softer and more civilized and safer until they ended up with this one now this wasn’t so much a car more replace where a fat balding middle-aged man could go off and have his midlife crisis I liked it a lot this though is the all-new model designed to take the 911 back to its raw basic white knuckle wings they say everything has been sharpened up ungood down tightened they say it’s gone back to being a car for silverstone rather than Silvertown way that it’s more Brands Hatch than brand marketing to be honest though it’s hard to see what they’re all about because it feels to me exact give us hang on a minute I think I’ve made a dreadful mistake here I think this is the new one it is look 50 feet to the knee and that’s the old one see I just came here this my as I got in the wrong one I am so sorry in my defense you have to admit the two cars do look remarkably similar Porsche say that apart from the roof every panel on the new car is new but surely if you’re gonna make new panels why not make them look different this has to be the laziest makeover ever it’s like laurence llewelyn bowen looking at a completely white wall and saying yeah i think i’m gonna paint that white in the front of the designer ii must have walked into the porsche boardroom and said yeah that new 911 lads done it um i’m off down a pub oh my god even bothered in here either i mean apart from all this stuff the satellite navigation and the heater and so on which I think they’ve lifted from the KA and the four-wheel drive Porsche and that stopwatch it really is a question of interior styling by deja vu there’s more evidence to that Porsche weren’t really concentrating when they designed this car I mean change into third and the gear leaver comes off that’s not very Porsche and neither is the positioning of these electric seat memory buttons you see every time I go round a corner my knee hashes into them and I slide gracefully in my wife’s driving position it’s um it’s quite hard to drive like this to be honest see what I mean plenty of mistakes then but you’re probably thinking who cares just so long as it’s better to drive and faster well the new Herrera with its new 3.6 liter engine and new gearbox will do naught to 60 in five seconds and reach a hundred and seventy-seven and guess what those are exactly the same performance figures that you got from the old 3.6 liter Carrera mind you this does cost fifty eight thousand pounds well no that’s the same as well so to sum up the new Carrera is pretty much the same as the old one except the gear lever comes off this however is not a standard Carrera this is a Carrera S and the S stands for so fat balding middle-aged now go and have your midlife crisis somewhere else the s rides low on fat noisy tires it has a harsh bone-breaking ride that jiggles you gels and rattles the trend it is as uncomfortable and as loud as Rod Stewart’s leopard skin disco trousers so if you just want something to pose around the harbour bar you’re pretty much hated but if you want to drive it is spectacularly good thanks to a bigger engine 3.8 liters the s can get from nought to 60 in four and a half seconds pick your foot hard down and your ride a wave of that familiar porsche always with top speed oval 182 then there’s this little button here with sport written on it push it and everything changes the throttle response is sharpened up the suspension is stiffened the anti-lock braking system is watered down and so’s the traction control you push that you turn your 911 into an absolute animal in sport mode it’ll go around the Nurburgring in Germany 20 seconds a lap faster than the old model this car can achieve just astonishing I know we can’t remember 85 miles an hour around the Hammerhead the wrong way round the Hammerhead it’s so fast and so well planted they’re not even gonna bother making a four-wheel-drive version like they used to just wouldn’t be necessary it is pure Porsche ography I look at this this is something I’ve never seen before on a road car you can program the on-board computer with the length of the lap that you’re about to do and then it stores your times and you can show them to your friends later cause there won’t be your friends anymore but what a thing what a gadget what a tool you’ll look this then is a car for a properly keen drivers who won’t care about the wonky gear leaver on a lazy styling on a bone breaking ride this then is a 911 of the old school you

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