Porsche 911 Carrera T vs Porsche GT3 Touring

Porsche 911 Carrera T vs Porsche GT3 Touring


A clash of the analogue Porsches? It’s a David vs Goliath battle of retro-flavoured 911s as Magazine takes a look at the Porsche 911 Carrera T vs the Porsche GT3 Touring and which car makes us smile more on a series of epic roads in the south of France… Porsche: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

if you haven’t heard there’s a bit of an analog revolution going on at Porsche no other company is embraced with quite the same gusto the pleasure isn’t necessarily linked to down forcing lap times manual gearbox is more slippery shapes less weight all these things help the car bond with you rather than constantly straining at the leash first came the Cayman gt4 then the 911 R then the 911 gt3 with an optional manual gearbox and now there’s two more so called back to basic 911 to add to that list and here they are our two analogue flavored 911s but from quite different ends of the Porsche spectrum over here they’re 85 grand Carrera T a homage to the Monte winning Carrera T from the 60s essentially Aurora slightly lighter version of the bago 911 and here the 111 gram gt3 mit Touring pack a wingless manual only version of the gt3 designed to make 911 are speculators look a little bit silly we begin with the gt3 Touring pack gone is the rear wing and you can only have a manual gearbox and that’s about it but all the best bits from the gt3 are still here so you get the 493 break 4 liter naturally aspirated flat 6 that revs to 9,000 rpm four-wheel steering and the GT threes wider body lower chassis and wheels inside you can only have leather no racy Alcantara here and no optional club sport pack either with its roll cage and fire extinguisher so less racetrack more French Riviera and feel but this is still a massively print car naught 62 and 3.9 seconds and a 190 six more crack first things first we need to talk about that Touring pack name it comes from a spec that was often on the Carrera RS back in the 70s so it’s got the Heritage but it’s probably a little bit misleading just deleting the rear spoiler and making a manual gearbox compulsory does not make this thing any more of a continent crusher what it does do is make it look so much cooler to my eyes at least it’s so much more stealthy flies under the radar only people in the know will know just how special this car is the manual gearbox it’s absolutely superb it’s tight it’s mechanical it’s only got six ratios actually and that’s because Porsches GT Department refused to use a 7-speed manual good on them I say because seven speeds is probably one ratio too many and then we come to the engine which we already know from the standard gt3 is a thing of wonder in fact we recently gave it our engine of the Year award on Top Gear magazine but in case you didn’t know well I better demonstrate just what makes this powerplant so so special that ladies and gentlemen is 9,000 rpm 500 rpm more than you get from a 911 our what I don’t want to do is focus on any one specific component they’re all brilliant in their own right but what makes this car so good is the way they meld together they work together and form this cohesive whole for example the meaty steering works really well with the mighty brakes down there and the suspension well it doesn’t fight the rotor it doesn’t crash around it flows along and breathes with you what you get is a sense of solidity and immense capability and no point though does this car feel intimidating it’s on your side it’s your friend it wants you to do well of course if you want to prove yourself then you can always get a gt2 RS but for the rest of us that don’t like pain and prefer driving on normal roads as opposed to racetracks well this is quite a thing a tall order them for the more junior karate but as I said earlier today isn’t about raw numbers and performance it’s more about pleasure and putting one of these on my face the T here stands for touring this isn’t a softened off Carrera is more of a lightweight special it uses the same 365 brake 3 liter turbo flat 6 as the base Carrera baguettes a mechanical diff 20mil suspension drop and sports exhaust as standard while the 7-speed manual gearbox has shorter ratios and a shorter stick throwing out the back seats and some sound insulation thinner rear windows and making the radio and sat-nav optional although you can add them back in no extra cost let’s save 20 kilograms that means the naught to 60 time drops by 1/10 to 4.5 seconds 4.2 if you go for the PDK option which you absolutely should not and the 180 miles per hour top speed so does 30 grand and 130 horsepower less make this an inferior car well no not by the criteria that we’re using today yes the gt3 has its party piece it’s 9,000 rpm engine but actually this thing has a smaller turbocharged engine so you get more torque lower down and really it punches just as hard on the tight narrow roads and the South of France that were driving around on today in terms of sound well that exhaust does make some quite juvenile pops and crackles sounds a little bit synthetic but I dare you to try and drive through a tunnel and not put your windows down overall then this car the coyote well it feels smaller it feels lighter it feels dainty er than the gt3 a lot closer then two 911s of old question is can I feel that 20 kilogram weight saving no can I hear the reduce sound deadening in the back new is this manual gearbox good yes it’s absolutely excellent but if I’m honest perceiving those slightly shorter ratios is quite tricky what this car is then is a really clever piece of spec manipulation designed to serve this fashion for more analogue sports cars but please don’t be put off because hey when was it ever a crime to give customers exactly what they wanted right so which one is our winner well it’s a hell of a lot closer than I thought it was going to be the truth is I got much more confident much quicker in the Carrera T and let’s not forget you could buy a hot hat with the change but even when it was hampered on squidgy winter tires you can just tell there’s more magic in the gt3s bones which is why that’s where my money would go but other manufacturers please take note sports cars and supercars aren’t just about headlines and numbers and performance figures it’s about the squidgy human sitting in the middle controlling them and right now I’m one very you

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