Porsche 911 with a ground clearance greater than that of your crossover

Porsche 911 with a ground clearance greater than that of your crossover


Porsche is continuing to develop an all-terrain modification of the 911 sports car, which will be designated the Safari. At the moment, the Germans are at the final stage of road tests – a video with speed tests of the car on the Nürburgring Northern Loop has appeared on YouTube.

The key difference between the new Porsche 911 Safari and other members of the sports car family will be a significantly improved suspension with an increase of approximately 50 mm ground clearance and travel amplitude.

Plus, the coupe will receive wheel arch extensions, special all-terrain Pirelli tires, and other bumpers to improve the angles of entry and exit. Finally, the Safari version of the Porsche 911 will have a special body kit with additional underbody protection.

According to preliminary data, the Porsche 911 Safari will borrow the engine from the all-wheel drive version of the 911 4S. It is a three-liter inline six-cylinder petrol engine that develops 450 hp. and 530 Nm of torque.

Previously, the Germans have already produced 911 sports cars designed for driving on bad roads. So, in 1978, the Germans developed the 911 SC Safari rally, which took part in the Safari Rally in Kenya. Six years later, Porsche produced three special all-wheel-drive vehicles, indexed 953, one of which brought the company a victory at the Paris-Dakar marathon. In addition, in 2012, the Germans developed an experimental version of the previous generation 911 with high ground clearance, but such a car was shown only in 2020.

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