Porsche 918 Leaves Me Sweating & Swearing ft. Shmee150

Porsche 918 Leaves Me Sweating & Swearing ft. Shmee150


The first time I get to fully drive and experience the Porsche 918 thanks to VIP Motors in Dubai. Shmee150 is joining me on this awesome experience.Shmee150 – VIP Motors Instagram – @VipmotorsuaeFollow me on:…

anyway yes unique that’s what’s cool yeah so this took um about three weeks it paints it on a rack no no he’s going to cut that’s commitment the only thing I’ll tell you though is it’s feelable okay right so it’s like a paint job but it’s fillable paintin so I can just rip it off today okay okay so it’s painted it’s painted black and then it’s painted at first he was like yes you go girl that’s commitment no he’s like not doesn’t have not get out and the Luci embroidery that’s cool no that’s what this cars called forever yeah that was both I thought it was really sweet you mean three years with this image hmm yeah so you still don’t know oh yeah today actually that’s why I bought it this is a [ __ ] listen this is your moment at 11 I drove a hurricane out here the other day yeah that’s right exactly you’ll have to tell us so Tim just came back from Bahrain to be one of the first to drive the new Evo so I want to get your first a big yawn so we’re gonna go inside we’re VIP modems they’ve got a amazing car lined up for us to drive today so we’re going to take that out to the desert and have a bit of a boat tim is there any car in here that you haven’t written any color haven’t ever yeah he’s literally looking around for the 1904 colors have you ever driven this car in that particular color easier that I bet you’ve never different driven a Sheeran in Pearl and burgundy i’ve passengered through safari nana’s bergens film lions out of the back of one of these but I’ve not driven it sorry did someone else drive it he’s been he’s been all that is really sick classics that was me yeah yeah oh yeah of course there’s like there’s like well there is zero and the funny thing is in Europe it’s registered as a truck not a car so you can’t join normal car licence I’ve been chocolate so do you have a interesting let’s drive it in the UK way that’s crazy but there isn’t one in the UK so that’s not a problem so there you go you go I want you Eric and Eva yeah so it’s just been launched and you’re in Bahrain right yeah so we got to drive it the Bahrain International Circuit and just before we talk about Evo yeah you don’t own a Lamborghini no because there’s not really one that you want at this time that’s that’s kind of it yeah pretty much I mean don’t get me wrong an Aventador spj not much better for drama okay and the Huracan Evo is a brilliant car but I’ve where I study and you tell me if I’m wrong from experience yeah Huracan is kind of the daily driver supercar right yeah it easy you smoke a lot yeah calm yeah but it’s got no luggage space who needs luggage well if your daily driving it you want to go to the supermarket or something oh oh but I don’t go shopping listen I get your simply CD cos because not not that like the Ford GT or the centre or any really use a hurricane as a daily drive I mean it is possible and it was totally equipped to be able to ke handle that but I don’t think you’d really do it would you would you drive my mg GTR yeah okay but that’s a bit that really is a daily driver I mean that’s what I’m saying no so different well it’s not pretty it’s not as practical as a GTR in on every attendance but the eve for me the main things how it drives and the EVs much better steering’s better front and better although like dynamic stuff is better because it has rear wheel steering as well and you were saying it’s kind of pretty much based on that everyone know it is tough month a engine and exhaust so it sounds like a popular thing so why would you buy perform on Thai now anyway stop selling the peppermint thing well no about to because the Evo is like the facelift yeah so you think about it it’s like the Ferrari speciali yeah or eight eight four eight eight is the new model yeah the special is the hardcore at the previous yet so the performant a is the previous hardcore model yeah yeah but no and maybe there’ll be in another hardcore model from the Evo in the future yeah I’d expect there will be uh-huh really super stupid expensive mission might be what would you get no I would I think I’ve just put my allocate well I’ve just tried to get an allocation for a 4 GT I really want one badly ok so let’s see what happens because you got the first round and now they’ve just will they close it off a few weeks ago a new allocation in around and I think it’s going to take a few more months to find out is it when they announced around them we just left the showroom Shmi is following the mind and we’re gonna go head out into the desert where they are dropping a super cool car there is let’s hear it then yeah it always sounds good GTR GTS say or something I think I win everyone else around us is just going oh what nerves I’ve got total moment Schmidty keep our faith keep up but you know how to dig a little [ __ ] look at look at this Sh me smile right here isn’t that just the two big wish me smile that’s Dubai for you gotta be gonna keep your wits about you and you drive here that’s for sure I just love house from wish me always pulls up it’s just like alright one of our favor the road that literally leads nowhere I was I was not gonna lie as we were driving up here I was like that looks like sand right in front of us far that worried actually goes we’ve just driven out here and we have a truck delivery truck waiting just around the corner to deliver one of the three in the Holy Trinity you can say yes and oh I don’t know where he’s going he’s going right he’s gone we lost it we didn’t even get our hands on it yeah it looks cool kind of flying by Oh silver silver they launched it in this really nice liquid silver oh yeah deep like multi-layer yen Darwin but they charged about I think sixty five thousand euros just yet at the pay for the paint so a lot of people obviously went with silver yeah just basic silver still over $1,000,000 car what 1.2 we go for that yeah are you ready for a v8 startup so we do it the noisy way let’s get this on the back yeah should we do it the noisy where I have driven the laferrari anyone but I’ve only really parked the nylon only so this is at least I haven’t driven before so show you all the ins now yeah so you’ve got to take me around the car and tell me what you know and why you like I mean out of the can I just ask though out of the three yeah okay back at the time I’m too hard to say you know back at the time when everyone was talking about this right and it was the Holy Trinity a hybrid hypercars I came up with this like way to summarize okay okay so no need to baby driver the car you use yeah you drive this the racetrack well you’re p1 is there ready to go have some fun around the racetrack okay then you get back home yes Derek you laferrari appreciate it again you know that’s gonna go online no that’s fine criminal because the laferrari sounds in the air just and it’s the most valuable at the end of the day it’s a Ferrari ISO mileage sensitive whereas this you can go and drive it so but I think you’re probably right when you look at the people who own 9:00 on 8 they’re going to use them more than you would a lover Ari that’s for sure so you’re doing the honours team and why why is that so quick all right why is that well you know a chance mate no chance you know what it is I don’t want to be outside so I can hear it that’s why to you it is so you can actually drive it around in electric mode he’s getting it off in electric mode John yeah maybe what the hell mate Carbon Targa roof panels that you can remove you put the roof panels away in the front like on the Carrera GT and then think about where the exhaust tips are there less than a meter for your heads oh yeah it’s noisy it’s very very noise here so when you’re driving in hybrid you get the engine off and then flipping back on you get this like drawer of the VA firing up right behind you you love it awesome the big question is these are going to top my favorite car hmm what’s a female car so what’s your favorite car where RS you get RS in just the way it’s a very drive very different the Agera RS is brute angry yes track hardcore this is kind of every day but usable performance yeah and that’s the thing you know sometimes you can like something like this a little bit more it just totally depends on the feel you’re you wanting right but I suppose it depends on your mood every day as well you know like sometimes you just don’t want the aggression this is the kind exact wouldn’t like yeah that’s true find out what it’s like then jump in so while I Drive I’m just gonna get stats thrown at me from the passenger seat yeah it’s got the optional here we go here we go it’s already started it’s got the optional American Cup hold on it’s on now yep you don’t need depends what you want to do so this is an electric now yeah if you want to start the petrol engine you’d spin this this is electric hybrid sport or race yeah if you’re in hybrid yeah oh okay electric will stay just in electric mode unless you yeah yep hybrid will flip backwards and forwards to keep the batteries charged yeah sports is engine always on race is crazy press the red button you get what’s called hot lap mode for maximum power okay so say if I want to get the power from both the engine and the electric motors if I go into sport will I still get all the tar from the electric okay so this one just means basically when you’re slowing down the lights it’ll switch back into electric for you yeah and when you put your foot down it will make sure you’re getting then it will make sure okay so let’s do let’s do no let’s go straight into sport so it should automatically turn it’s going to drive in Reverse it’ll toggle on the right okay yeah make sense building here so you pull that down now I just realized it’s got the serial number of the yeah the model number in there so that’s a so currently I have Schmidt filming me do you want a new gig cameraman yeah just camera okay okay so we’ll do electric first then okay it is kind of cool isn’t it to be in something this powerful and this crazy-looking just to drive off completely silent oh that’s ridiculous were do you lose a bit of sense of what’s going on maybe it’s like a UFO I do really love that you know when I used to have my I ate a lot of people ask like why did I have an I ate and yeah it was questionable don’t because it doesn’t have a lot of power right but something like this when I could switch it into all-electric mode and hear that like spaceship taking off it was just something different that you don’t get in a lot of cars there we go 56 Wow P 109 ATV yata Ferrari if you’re driving a little tasteless but way better and you can do that for a decent distance in drivers it’s amazing then all you’ve got to do is spin that toggle yeah and then we’ll just go straight over like your I ate it comes in seamlessly yes also good about the car engine yeah it also snow jerk about it just but I didn’t really hear the engine come on to be fair it’s quite soft when you place kind of in the background I suppose because we’re already going quite fast you can’t really hear that the roar as it just doesn’t how do you approach a category but then you go when you’re on hybrid put your foot down scream wife is going in everything all this well it just keeps giving it’s like there’s no end in sight to the power you don’t feel like it’s struggling maybe she has okay this little toggle here is for doubt to drive are you ready all right Wow we’re gonna do this is definitely in my top three good eggs egg Agera R s is still up there this is definitely up and about – holy God Wow has so much power just keeps giving there’s no end in sight you just have to just keep going you’re going going it doesn’t feel like it struggles at all I mean it’s a weird thing to say but with some cars if it doesn’t have enough horsepower you just kind of feel like it’s topping out like we could saying okay that’s enough now there’s nothing like that in this car and the way that it takes off did you feel that talk just like boom off like a shot oh my heart’s racing and I feel like all sweaty oh oh my god okay I need to take a big deep breath before we do this okay I love hybrid because they’re the best that’s it Shmi you missed my last couple of launches I was watching I was watching and listening how had it sounded quite quickly loud out here as well you hear just about everything yeah that’s here in the back sorry the when I was in the car with you I just thought I better test the car first cuz you don’t want to you don’t want to go hell for leather and something you never driven they probably get used to us especially when you’ve got 900 horsepower and you’re right exactly so anyway so I just had the most amazing time and thank you so so much yes my pleasure my pleasure this sort of guerra RS yeah that’s this is approachable it’s like your rage is usable technically Drive here try it daily this guy like daily be easily total even totally get you know I understand what you’re talking about I need to process this you know when I just don’t have any words right now I’m kind of still processing the experience it’s fine unbelievable I literally came out of that sweating and swearing is literally my experience at the time on eight hey thank you for watching and give us a quick thumbs up right now hit that thumbs up button and go check out schmears channel if you haven’t yet watched it yet go subscribe to him as well and we’ll see you guys around all the next folks are in the world thank you very much – VIP motors here in Dubai for giving us this night only to have fun with today and that’s it we are gonna see you somewhere else in the world with another car and we’ll catch it in

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