Porsche, all right? The Germans presented a strange teaser

Porsche, all right? The Germans presented a strange teaser


The company Porsche posted a teaser of a strange car by the standards of the brand with a Central location of the steering wheel.

The images clearly don’t show a sports car, but something that looks like a compact urban car – most likely a hatchback or minivan. Porsche only stressed that this is a vision of how the company’s cars can look in the future: a futuristic single-volume car with narrow slits in the headlights, autopilot and three seats, with passenger seats located on both sides behind the driver. Judging by the fact that the car on the teaser does not have a traditional radiator grille, it runs on electricity.

This teaser is part of a series of publications called Porsche Unseen, which is dedicated to the secrets of the design Studio in Weissach. Before that, the company showed a Speedster with a design in the style of the 1950s and a hypercar that looks like a sports prototype for endurance racing.

It is expected that in a couple of weeks, Porsche will disclose information about the prototypes, which for various reasons were not presented to the public and did not go into production. Among them is a city car with a steering wheel in the middle.

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