Porsche and Boeing decided to unite to create a premium flying transport

Porsche and Boeing decided to unite to create a premium flying transport


Porsche and Boeing have agreed on a partnership in the creation of compact urban liner for personal use. Future aircraft is in the early stages of planning. Meanwhile, the joint company will be engaged in the analysis of the potential market.


The dream of a flying car does not leave the international company alone. This time the German brand Porsche and the American company Boeing has decided to unite to create a premium private flying transport. It is expected that the novelty will be a compact plane with a small cockpit.

Conditional flying car developed in the framework of creating a personal city liner. At the moment, the only pre-renders. According to him, both companies will move away from the classic aircraft design. The new TC will have a compact double cabin, rectangular wings and two engines.

While this is the only information available in the Network. Porsche and Boeing are at an early stage of the project. Any visible results is to wait a few years. While a joint company to analyze the potential demand and the analysis of the future market. After that, the final decision about the start of the development of personal urban liner.

In addition, the Porsche experts to help the U.S. in testing a passenger flying a drone Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV). The first tests were held in early 2019.

The future is coming?

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