Porsche and Lucasfilm are working together on the design of the spaceship

Porsche and Lucasfilm are working together on the design of the spaceship


The designers of Porsche AG and the film company Lucasfilm Ltd. collaborate on the design of the starship, who will present at the world premiere of a new episode of the Saga “Star wars: Skywalker. Sunrise”. To support the release of the final episode of the Saga of Skayuokera, sports car manufacturer and the American company, known for its Saga “Star wars” have teamed up and are working on creating a spaceship.

“To develop the spacecraft in which it will be possible to clearly see the DNA of the Porsche – that’s really incredible,” – says the Vice-President of design, Porsche AG, Michael Mauer. – “At first glance, it seems that some common elements, but both worlds are pretty similar design philosophy. Close cooperation with the design team of the Saga “Star wars” was the unusual experience for us, but I’m sure both sides can recognize the mutual benefits of this exchange”.

“The global appeal of brands “Star wars” and the Porsche is defined by their iconic design,” says Vice President and Executive creative Director of production company Lucasfilm Doug Chiang, responsible for all issues in design in the franchise “Star wars.” – “In this project we combine two worlds: exotic design galaxy far, far away and precise work to create sports cars Porsche. This collaboration promises to create innovative design that combines the best of both brands and create exciting new spaceship worthy of the Porsche and Star wars.”


In the next weeks the design team will conduct regular meetings in Stuttgart and San Francisco, California, for the design of the spacecraft and create the corresponding model.

In addition to presenting to the public a model of the starship at the premiere of “Star wars: Skywalker. Sunrise” in December, Porsche will also introduce its first fully electric sports car Porsche Taycan.

First deliveries of the Porsche Taycan in Ukraine will start in the first quarter of 2020.

Fans of both brands can observe the fascinating process of developing a starship online.

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