Porsche can provide electric Macan is already in 2021

Porsche can provide electric Macan is already in 2021


Mid-size SUV Macan is now the most popular model of the brand. Therefore, it will be electrified in the near future, and in 2024 in the market will coexist fully electric and petrol version.

Next year the German brand Porsche can introduce a fully electric crossover Macan. This is logical, because the crossover is the most popular model of the company, and electrification is gaining momentum. However, Stuttgart decided to act smarter, and release on the market from petrol and fully electric version of “makan” of the new generation.

Thus the company will try to maintain a high demand for the model and also satisfy customers who are inclined to purchase an electric car. Such a strategy may be advantageous, especially if the technologies of batteries and chargers will not change for the next couple of years.


The Porsche Macan has only recently received the redesigned version for the 2019 model year. As expected, the new generation will hit the market in 2022, but the debut could take place in 2021. According to preliminary information, electric and petrol Macan will have a different exterior design. This will help to differentiate the two versions on the market, and conduct parallel advertising campaign.

Unfortunately, the technical characteristics of future trends are unknown. As it remains unknown and the cost model.

Would you buy a crossover Macan on batteries?

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