Porsche Cayenne to turn into Taycan

Porsche Cayenne to turn into Taycan


The new Porsche Cayenne will turn into an electric car, reports Autoweek, citing unnamed insiders. The total electrification of the crossover is explained by the appointment of the former head of the Porsche electric car program, Stefan Weckbach, as the curator of the “fourth” Cayenne project.

The position of Cayenne project manager became vacant after Manfred Harrer left Porsche – the German moved to Apple and will help the IT giant create the first electric car.

The appointment of Stefan Weckbach as curator of the new Cayenne de facto confirms the transformation of the crossover into an electric car, Autoweek sources say. Porsche itself recognizes the speedy electrification of the model range – by 2030, 80 percent of the model line will be equipped with electric motors. However, in January, a brand spokesman told AutoExpress that no decision had yet been made on the future of the Cayenne.

The electric Porsche Cayenne is believed to share the PPE platform with the Taycan and the battery-powered Macan EV, but the fourth-generation crossover is unlikely to debut until 2024. The fact is that the current Cayenne has been produced since 2017, and so far the model has not even gone through a planned restyling. It cannot be ruled out that in the middle of the decade the electric Cayenne will not replace the petrol version, but will debut in addition to it.

The closest electric novelty of Porsche will be the “battery” version of the Macan – the compact crossover is promised to be shown before the end of the year. For at least two years, the Macan electric car will be produced in parallel with the gasoline crossover of the same name.

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