Porsche Cayenne with 680 HP engine installed fancy speed record


A new modification of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, which became the most powerful model in its history, set an unusual record. The car drove a lap around the unfinished Ring road in Gotland on the Swedish island of Gotland in 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

Crossover was ruled by German racing driver and TV presenter Tim Schrieck. The first 3.2 km he drove on the paved surface, and then another km on gravel. While the car was fitted with the standard road tires, which have been in use.


Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which is equipped with the top version of the Panamera. It includes a 550-horsepower four-liter V8 engine with two turbines and an electric motor with a capacity of 136 horsepower.

In sum, the unit gives 680 HP and 900 N·m of torque. Crossover is capable of accelerating from standstill to first “hundred” for 3.8 seconds. and its maximum speed force is electronically limited at around 295 km per hour.

Interestingly, the next record this fun track Urus ?

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