Porsche does not have time to sell the Taycan

Porsche does not have time to sell the Taycan


The German brand claims that it simply does not physically have time to assemble the number of copies of the Porsche Taycan electric sedan, which has been ordered in recent weeks. Due to the “huge” demand for an electric car, new buyers will have to wait up to six months for their car.

While the Porsche Taycan is a luxurious and rather expensive electric vehicle not available to most new car buyers, the German brand has no problem selling it.

Speaking at the Munich Motor Show, Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom said that demand for the Taycan remains so high that the waiting time for a new car can currently be as high as six months.

“Our initial production capacity for the Taycan was 20,000 units this year, which is how much we sold in the first half of the year,” Blum told Reuters. “The volume of incoming orders is huge – they are the largest in China.”

Mr Bloom added that chip shortages have also contributed to the increased wait times for new Taycan models.

Strong demand for the Taycan shows that Porsche’s first all-electric car was a success – and if all goes well, EV sales will only increase. In the not too distant future, Porsche will introduce an all-electric variant of the Macan crossover, and although it will initially be sold alongside a version of this model equipped with a classic combustion engine, the electric Macan will ultimately be the only offering in the brand’s lineup and could certainly be the best car in Porsche. .

It is also reported that Porsche is considering a smaller electric sedan to compete with the Bavarian BMW i4 and the American Tesla Model 3. It is understood that such a model could use the same PPE platform as the upcoming A4 e-tron EV. and can share components with the Macan EV, including the battery and electric powertrain.

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