Porsche has built a separate factory for the Macan

Porsche has built a separate factory for the Macan


Porsche has announced the completion of the construction of plant at the factory in Leipzig, where they will release a new generation of crossover Macan. Unlike existing models, the novelty will be fully electric.

The company said that the quarantining of coronavirus has not affected the pace of construction, but mass production is unlikely to start before the end of 2021, and deliveries of vehicles are expected in early 2022. Also because of the pandemic, the official public opening of the new shop decided not to.


That Macan will be fully electric, the company announced last year. This car becomes the first Porsche on a completely new platform PPE, which is being developed jointly with Audi. It is expected that the novelty will boast four electric motors.

At the same time the Porsche representative said the new Zealand edition of the Staff that the company will continue production in atmospheric and turbocharged internal combustion engines “for as long as is technically possible.” Also in the range of the brand will remain models with manual transmissions. While each model Porsche eventually there will be hybrid versions.

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