Porsche has converted into reality the fantasy of Chris Labroy

Porsche has converted into reality the fantasy of Chris Labroy


Before, you may well not have heard the name of Chris Labroy, but you are probably familiar with his work. This car-obsessed digital illustrator from the UK has literally flooded the Web with his extraordinary work (be sure to google it and admire it). And yes – almost all of them remained in the form of renders. All but one.

The image of antique 911s in the role of a swan, ducks and flamingos, published on Chris’s Instagram three years ago, sunk into the souls of the guys from Porsche so much that they firmly decided to embody the idea in metal and plastic – except that they chose a fresher generation. The creation of the art object was timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the brand in the Chinese market. And the first Porsche, officially sold in the Celestial Empire, was the Nine Eleven in the back of the 996.

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Posted by Chris Labrooy (@chrislabrooy)

The idea to go to the Royal College of Art came to Chris while watching one of the Top Gear issues, in which the hosts visited this particular educational institution.

The collaboration between Porsche and Chris Labroy is a great story for both sides. After all, the concentration of HYIP here is frenzied. Firms promise: in the future it will be possible to admire the swan car not only in the homeland of COVID-19. The unusual 996 is planned to be exhibited in various galleries and museums around the world. By the way, the creator himself is a big fan of the company from Stuttgart and in his free time he drives a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS.

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