Porsche has filed a patent for Autonomous cars

Porsche has filed a patent for Autonomous cars


The press service of the famous car manufacturer Porsche announced the patent for a new technology of unmanned control.

The car brand Porsche recently patented a new technology of Autonomous driving system for their cars. Unfortunately, that will present a new machine – not yet possible due to the complete lack of information about the model. The only thing that became known thanks to the patent is the provision of new relaxing comfortable passenger seats, which will help you to get pleasure from the trip in any conditions.


Also, the German manufacturer received a patent for the manufacture and implementation of innovative roof, which can be controlled by several parameters.

It should be noted that the beginning of obtaining a patent such things may indicate that the car brand is planning to switch to an unmanned vehicle in the near future. These findings are obtained due to the fact that about 78% of all such systems do not undergo the procedure of patenting, because of the lack of profitability of production, and Porsche not only got the patent, but intends to release a series of machines.

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