Porsche has revealed the mid-engined 911 RSR

Porsche has revealed the mid-engined 911 RSR

This model has won more than twenty times in its segment, starting with its introduction in 2016. The company is surely pleased with his achievements but not going to stop there. So, the engineers will release a number of updates, say their will be a lot.

First and foremost, to change the Boxer engine. Instead of engine on 4.0 l will be installed the 4.2 l, and thus it becomes the biggest factory motor for the 911. His return will make 520 HP with given constraints for the class.

There is also information that the model will be equipped with a modified six-speed sequential gearbox, but to switch between gears, the driver can at times easier and faster. Traditionally rear wheel drive. Another innovation is the pipe of the exhaust system that go in front of the rear wheels. Such innovation is very good for the rear diffuser, increasing downforce.

In addition, the presence of the redesigned roll cage, updated security system, and removable hatch. All of these improvements, motorists will be able to see on a modified Porsche 911 RSR on September 1 of this year during a stage of the WEC at Silverstone.