Porsche Hypercar: another couple of years

Porsche Hypercar: another couple of years


Porsche boss Oliver Blum announced that the successor to the 918 Spyder will only debut a few years later, as the development of a hypercar is not a priority for the brand.

The company does not abandon the idea of ​​creating such a car, but it will happen later. A couple of years ago at an exhibition in Geneva, Blum spoke in a similar way, but the rationale was different: then the Germans argued that the evolution of batteries had not yet reached the level they needed.

Now the company is carried away by the electrification of the range and intends to break two records at once this year – in terms of profit and sales. An expensive hypercar will not help in either, so its release can be postponed.

What kind of power plant the novelty will receive – electric or hybrid – is unclear. The final copy of the Porsche 918 Spyder was made almost six years ago, and all cars were sold out back in 2014.

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