Porsche invented the chair in which the driver will sleep

Porsche invented the chair in which the driver will sleep


It seems that the German company engaged in the development of vehicles with Autonomous control.

Recently, the leadership of Porsche stated that the brand will be the last in the world that will push out the driver from the control and implement into their sports cars autopilots. However, it seems that the Germans did not abandon the trends and the patent image of the driver’s seat specifically for Autonomous cars.

And if so, then soon in the segment may appear really interesting model with the autopilot: the recently introduced Taycan, the first fully electric car from Porsche, once again proved that if astrosocial takes to learn a new technology, he will bring it to perfection.


As for the seat. Initially, the pictures were sent to patent offices of Germany, and is now considered the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). The drawings depict the driver’s seat with electric adjustment, which can be in various positions, and the driving controls move in or fold, instead of pedals comes the footrest.

No detailed descriptions of the images do not accompany. But one of the positions of the seat explicitly says that so the driver can rest in the road, entrusting control to the autopilot.

You have entrusted yourself and your family to the autopilot?

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