Porsche is like Tesla. Germans will produce batteries for sports cars on their own


The Porsche brand, which is part of the Volkswagen group, in the production of electric vehicles will not be able to be content with only those power sources that are unified with other cars of the concern, and intends to create their own batteries. Porsche CEO Oliver Blum told the German newspaper Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung about this, Reuters reports.

Recall that in March, Volkswagen’s management staged an “Energy Day”, at which they talked about plans to build several factories in Europe, where batteries will be produced for at least 3.5 million electric vehicles a year. Blum admitted that some Porsche models will use batteries from these factories, but sports cars will need something more powerful.

According to the head of Porsche, a new plant will be built in the city of Tübingen, located in Swabia, to produce its own batteries. Blum cited the production of internal combustion engines as an example: for basic versions, his company sometimes uses Volkswagen power plants, but makes motors for sports cars itself.

We are talking specifically about batteries, that is, about the basic batteries, and not about the batteries that are collected from them. Nowadays, batteries can be divided into two main parameters: the ratio of capacity to cost and the ratio of capacity to weight. It follows from this that with equal capacity, the lighter the battery, the more expensive it is. Apparently, Porsche is not happy with the fact that Volkswagen is not trying to reduce the weight of power supplies as much as possible in order to reduce costs.

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