Porsche is preparing a sports car for Kiev


Despite the fact that Porsche is more associated with the race track and speed, the German automaker has another side. Porsche has participated in many rally raids, including the Paris-Dakar. However, such models were not available for order to ordinary customers. Therefore, for decades, off-road versions of the 911, analogues of Safari, were prepared by other companies.

Things could change, however, as Porsche is preparing a factory off-road version of the 911. The lifted 911 was first spotted during track testing. And now the designers of the Motor1 publication have prepared a render of what a serial Porsche 911 Dakar might look like. From the outside, it’s still the same 911 with uprated suspension, wheel arch extensions made of matte black plastic and tires that would be suitable for off-road trips.

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