Porsche launches new electric platform for the production of electric cars

Porsche launches new electric platform for the production of electric cars


Porsche, in cooperation with Audi is developing new electric platform to produce electric cars. This platform will be the basis for an electric version of the compact crossover Porsche Macan. This is not the only model developed on its basis.

Each brand is responsible for the project is a joint electric platform PPE41 in its segment in particular, this involves the distribution of value added: two-thirds takes on Audi, responsible for the platform, and about one third Porsche. At the same time, Porsche is liable for other platforms such as Taycan or Panamera.

It is expected that the production of new all-electric models of the Macan will commence in late 2022. But it is possible, and delayed the start of production.

“Audi will launch an electric vehicle in this segment. Now we are discussing whether it makes sense for a parallel run of both electric vehicles”, explained member of the Board of Directors and head of the development Department of Porsche AG, Michael Steiner.


It is also likely that the Porsche Boxster and Cayman will soon appear on the market in all-electric versions, but the final decision is still pending. In any case, they will not produce in the platform PPE41. Porsche plan to develop another platform with its own architecture.

Production of other models based on the new platform is also being considered. The focus of the platform is not limited to the B-segment and copying the actual models. For example, the crossover in the C-segment also has the potential, however, such solutions still in the process of adoption.

The company plans to Porsche AG until 2030 to offer vehicles with internal combustion engines in parallel with the transition to a fully electric model. New Porsche cars are even more innovative design, technology and dynamics, therefore, will remain attractive to clients for many years. Taycan’s new fully-electric drive and zero-CO2 emissions only appeared on the market. Along with the new company rapidly develops and the direction of the plug-in hybrid vehicles, planning to produce a larger number of powerful sports cars, using basically the same engine.

Porsche continues to update the plug-in hybrid cars. On the one hand, due to high demand, on the other – because of the tax benefits that apply to this car on the markets of some regions. An ongoing debate about the feasibility of the development of plug-in hybrid car with a cruising range of 100 km of driving on electricity. The very production of such a battery causes significant damage to the environment. Its main purpose is traveling over longer distances than those on the average overcome drivers.

But at the same time for really long journeys, the optimal choice is the internal combustion engine, but the weight of a large battery increases fuel consumption. Realizing this, Porsche continues a reasonable balance between the daily needs of the driver and the emissions of carbon into the atmosphere.


The first electric Porsche was Taycan. Only for the Ukrainian market for 2020 will be available to the 73 car. Almost all electric cars have already been sold.

The cost Taycan 4S is from 2 931 225 hryvnia, Taycan Turbo – 4 165 425 hryvnias, and Taycan Turbo S – 5 054 775 UAH*.

*The value of the car specified for the basic configuration excluding the cost of additional equipment. Value calculated as at 26.03.2020 years at the rate posted on the website winner.ua. An estimate is preliminary and requires refinement at the official dealers of Porsche in Ukraine. The final cost of the car specified in the contract of sale as of the date of signing the agreement on the purchase of the car.

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