Porsche launches production of high-power lithium cells

Porsche launches production of high-power lithium cells


Porsche and its partner Customcells, specialist in specialty (unusual) lithium-ion batteries, have announced the launch of high-performance battery cells at the Weissach Development Center. The auto giant owns 83.75% of the shares in the joint venture. The new joint venture, called the Cellforce Group, is headquartered in Tübingen. The same city is being considered as a candidate for the construction of a larger plant of promising cells. Conveniently, Tübingen is not particularly far from Weissach and the Porsche AG headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

Porsche is investing tens of millions of euros in the new joint venture. About 60 million more will be provided by the governments of Germany and the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Project participants (from left to right): Michael Steiner, Board Member for Research and Development Porsche AG, Boris Palmer, Mayor of Tübingen, Torge Thönnessen, Managing Director of Customcells Itzehoe GmbH, Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg and Oliver Blum, CEO of Porsche AG.

Silicon is used as anode material in new cells. It provides an increase in power density and the same energy content in a smaller size than current serial cells. These batteries have lower internal resistance, which allows more energy to be absorbed during recuperation and faster recharge. Such a cell also tolerates high temperatures well. An important partner in the project is the giant BASF, which supplies the high-energy cathode materials HED NCM. So far, the JV employs only 13 people, but by 2025 their number will grow to 80. Cellforce Group intends to produce at least 100 MWh of high-power batteries per year. Porsche CEO Oliver Blum, explaining the importance of the venture, said:

“The battery is the combustion chamber of the future.”

An important project for Porsche?

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