Porsche Mission R review: is this 1,000bhp electric concept the future of racing?

Porsche Mission R review: is this 1,000bhp electric concept the future of racing?


This is the Porsche Mission R. But what is its mission exactly? To boldly go… no, sorry, to quietly hint at a possible electric future for Porsche’s racing programme and – allegedly – preview the next Cayman. And a bunch of other stuff, which Magazine’s Ollie Marriage will explain to you while holding on tightly to this 1,073bhp electric racing concept around a race track. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

we need to talk about the future of motorsport because we’re worried about it aren’t we i was but then i drove the porsche missionar divorce but before we go any further let’s have a look around it because first and foremost it looks fantastic but it’s also small it’s compact it’s really low it’s been chasing a 911 turbo around the circuit and the 911 looks tall and ungainly next to this and isn’t it lovely to see a car running on big chunky tyres a bit of sidewall on them it just looks sort of hunkered and proper and i know they’ve said that this car sort of heralds the next cayman but i’m not really interested in that what i want to know is what it says about the future of motorsport and where that’s going so it’s got some really interesting technology built in let’s start down here looking at these vents here because they’re part of the aero package for the car they can open and close and as they do that they adjust the roll and you’re of the car by letting the air pass more cleanly through or get closed off and they work in conjunction with the rear spoiler not to deliver more down force but to clean up the arrow so you have a more slippery performance at high speed it accelerates a bit quicker higher up and it is capable of high speed top speeds 187 miles an hour not 62 in two and a half seconds personally i reckon it will probably go a fair bit quicker than that i think porsche being a bit conservative right let’s go round to the front wheel because that’s the next interesting area on this because the mission r is four-wheel drive motor on the front motor on the back and they’re taken from the tycan turbo s but with a difference rather than that car’s 800 volt architecture these run 900 volt architecture and that’s a technology that porsche motorsport is already familiar with because it’s the same as the 919 hybrid this car has been developed and engineered by the same team and that means those motors develop more power than they do in the thai can in fact quite a bit more power 429 horsepower on the front 644 on the back that’s 1073 horsepower in total which is more than enough the more interesting i think than the way it goes is the way it stops because rather than just using massive disc brakes they concentrate on the regeneration and to a great extent you can charge this car plugged in at 350 kilowatts which is super fast but it can regenerate at 800 kilowatts it can get power back into the batteries nearly as quick as it can send it out and that is potentially transformative because it means that the car gains so much more power under braking all the time remember the vw idr plates peak record holder that had a range of about 12 miles the plan for the mission r is that it has the same performance as a 911 gt3 cup car not just lap times but endurance it promises to be able to race flat out for 30 to 40 minutes so we talked about the front wheels but the next interesting thing is what goes on in the middle of the car because it’s built around a steel space frame chassis and that’s not particularly interesting it’s just it’s a concept car and they’ve carried that over it was just a piece they had lying around but what is much more interesting is what happens up top because rather than having a steel roll cage it has a carbon roll cage and at the moment that’s not allowed by the fia regulations but this card isn’t meant to abide by current regulations it’s meant to look into the future and think about what will motorsport be doing in six years time so it almost has this carbon exoskeleton of protection around the driver and it’s built into the seat as well and the seat is a massive one-piece construction so it’s super safe and it looks great when you’re in there you’ve got these big panels of light coming in from above so it feels very futuristic and different and there’s more space you haven’t got a roll cage inside the chassis blocking your view or being awkward to get in and out so you have a better environment for the driver and then behind him tucked in here is the battery pack and it’s not a skateboard battery pack because if you put a skateboard under it the driver is going to sit higher the roof line’s going to be higher it’s not going to look as good so instead you have a chest battery behind the seats and it’s quite big about 250 kilo pack but 80 kilowatt hours capacity which gives this thing reasonable range but i need to show you the best bit which is found around the back of the car because there’s two things i really want to show you around here and then neither of them is the aerodynamics which are amazing but i want to show you this which is a lovely design touch this fantastic 3d light beam all the way around the back how good would that look in a night race but the other thing i think is brilliant is that you can see all the mechanical bits on display you never see this in electric cars they always feel one-dimensional as a result but here you can see the motor the gearbox how it’s all linked into the suspension it’s just brilliant right lots of race teams running around i think i’m still on charge the moment because i’ve got a battery grade here currently at 53 it’s going up fast though you can charge this at 350 kilowatts you get everything nice and warm and this charge can absolutely fire in so i just sit here and wait for some charge to arrive it’s really futuristic in here it’s fantastic i mean the steering wheel as far as these are things are conventional is conventional but you know all i’ve got to do is twist one dial i’m off the rest of it i don’t know what’s going on so all i have to watch out for in here is the green light down here once i’ve got as long as i’ve got that green light i’m fine if it goes red for any reason i have to stop completely wherever i am stop and then don’t get out the car however if this screen goes red then i have to get out of the car really quickly it’s a lot of safety briefings around electric racing cars okay all sorted and away we go in porsche’s unique mission r so i’m chasing a 911 turbo s around i think so i don’t get too carried away so it’s built around a steel space frame but really that’s not important because it’s not designed for anything particular at the moment other than putting on a hell of a show so much grip through that corner love it changes the direction ah it’s got more than enough grip for whatever power these electric motors can deliver two of them one on the front one on the rear total power is 1073 horsepower which when you’ve only got 1500 kilos to move feels like that feels like quite a lot of power same power to weight ratio in fact as a bugatti chiron it’s a one office it’s completely unique so we need to be slightly careful with it i’m really enjoying this i mean the noise isn’t much but actually from inside you’ve still got all that electric noise it’s quite compelling and the view and it’s just so futuristic in here i’ve driven the bw itr and that’s the most accelerated thing i’ve ever driven and this isn’t you know not 16 2 and a half seconds this is not far off it’s got a top speed of 187 miles an hour but i’m not going to be hitting that around here don’t need to though it’s all about the acceleration it’s electric car that’s what they do well flat out and hard on the brakes and yeah the pedal is a little bit numb but my god i mean it’s a properly developed thing this i mean they say it’s a concept but really this of course going let’s have a look at what we could do and what we can learn from this i love this i can’t believe it’s just regeneration on the brakes and it can regenerate so much of this which means it can just run for longer you don’t have to worry about preserving it because the brakes aren’t getting hot because they’re not being used it’s all happening electrically it’s got such punch and traction and the balance of the motors it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna do anything scary it feels so planted and stable and yeah it’s maybe not quite motorsport polished in terms of the way the suspension works it hops and skips a bit but it’s a concept ah what’d you expect these things normally go no better than five miles an hour around the car park and here’s one turning in pretty competitive lap times can you just imagine what a gaggle of these would look like as an f1 support race i think it’d be terrific i think that was the way to convince the formula one drivers put them in these do have the old m1 bmw did at the end of the 1970s used to put f1 drivers in bmw m1s that’s what they want again isn’t it bit of this fascinating you can feel how much pressure these motors are putting on the tyres that’s quite an experience and it feels so cool in here this glass roof and the carbon pillars and everything porsche was asked to imagine what you know the future of racing looked like i really like the look of it what a privilege this is but this is all theoretical because the porsche missionar is a concept car and sometimes concept means here in six months and sometimes it means this is something we could do this i suspect is probably somewhere in the middle so let’s speculate imagine this as a one make race series 40 years ago bmw did they had the m1 pro car series and it was a precursor to them going into formula one itself let’s hope porsche sees this the same way you

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