Porsche returned to the test area “nardò” to work

Porsche returned to the test area “nardò” to work

The world famous test track in Italy has undergone reconstruction in order to fully meet all the needs of car manufacturers and their new products.

In 1975, Fiat built a test track Nardo Ring is 12.6-kilometer circle with a width of 16 meters is located on the North-West of the city of Nardo in Italy. In 2012, a giant ring was purchased and renamed Porsche Nardo Technical Center.

A feature of the polygon is the road slope, so while driving there is no need to turn the steering wheel – this helps the engineers during the tests at high speeds. But with the end of 2018, Nardo Technical Center was closed for renovation.

For 7 months of work has been invested 35 million euros, which will fully renew the asphalt surface, install new fencing and fully repair 106 thousand square meters of tracks within the polygon.

Porsche stressed that in addition to high-speed tests in Nardo will be conducted tests of unmanned technology, driver assistance, online services and quick chargers for electric vehicles.

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