Porsche “routes” does not build: Vision Renndienst will not go into production

Porsche “routes” does not build: Vision Renndienst will not go into production


Yes, the likelihood of such a strange (by Porsche standards) car appearing on the assembly line was already illusory. But now there is no chance at all.

As a representative of the German brand told Autoblog, there are no plans for the serial production of the Vision Renndienst concept. Even despite the fact that the company is actively moving towards electrification, and the prototype was originally conceived with a battery power plant. The reason is in the image. Porsche continues to see itself as a manufacturer primarily of sports cars; there is nothing for utilitarian models of the “pocket” urban format in the lineup.

Thus, the head of global sales of Porsche Detlev von Platen told the publication that the brand will focus on finding new segments where “sports cars have a place.” On the one hand, it’s nice to hear such predictions. On the other hand, it’s a pity to send one of the most daring projects of the company in its entire history back to the archive again.

Recall that the electric Vision Renndienst was first declassified to the general public at the end of last year as part of the presentation of the Porsche Unseen book, which tells about the sometimes completely wild concepts of the brand, created over the past 15 years. Speaking specifically about a van with an unusual appearance in the spirit of the Volkswagen T1 racing “techs” of the middle of the last century and an equally non-trivial layout (the driver’s seat is in the center, like in the McLaren F1 supercar, the total number of seats is up to six), then it was created in 2018 -m in the form of a full-size layout. And since then, the bright car has been gathering dust in the factory storerooms.

The all-electric Porsche range now consists of various variants of the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models. But this is just the beginning. In 2022, the Macan battery crossover should come out, and then the 911 will receive a certain dose of electrification – the legendary sports car seems not to be fully battery-powered until 2030, but hybridization is already inevitable.

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