Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Review: 751bhp electric family estate takes on a rally stage

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Review: 751bhp electric family estate takes on a rally stage


The Porsche Taycan EV has ripped up the rule book on road, now it wants to dominate everything else as well…This is the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the most complete fast estate available today. And perhaps the best electric car, too. To celebrate Porsche slapping a big boot, some body cladding, and a “Gravel” mode on the Taycan, we took it rallying. As you do…You can read all about it in the latest issue of Magazine, on sale now. But if you want the full, in-depth review of the second step in Porsche’s electric strategy, let Magazine’s Ollie Marriage be your guide… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: . ly/TGGMS20​First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

just look at that all that green and pleasant land and i’ve driven here in a 750 horsepower car that can do naught to 60 in under three seconds and i’ve disturbed precisely nothing electric power there’s a lot to be said for it and it’s not like this looks like it’s going to deliver supercar speed it’s a crossover look you can tell because it’s got shiny plastic bits here and stone guards down there but it’s not really a crossover is it it’s porsche’s crossover the new tycan cross turismo think of the cross turismo as porsche’s audi or road and you’re on the right lines it’s a raised toughened bigger booted version of their first all-electric car the tai can underneath the powertrain’s chassis and suspension are near identical but it comes across as a surprisingly different car so let’s use the driving modes to tell that story and we’ll start on range now range is the least interesting driving mode because it restricts you to 60 miles an hour and it turns the air conditioning off porsche claim 270 280 miles of range for this and it’s pretty much the same no matter which of the power outputs you choose because the battery stays the same size it’s a 93 and a half kilowatt hour battery and the usable bit of that is 84 kilowatt hours so that’s a decent sized battery but you’re only going to get 200 miles of range from it in ordinary use and after that you’re at the liberty of the charging network and the likelihood is that you’re probably going to want to drive your crossturismo further than you would your normal thai can because it’s the family car isn’t it you know you put the kids in the back put some holiday clubber you might want to stick a roof box on top that’s not going to do your range any good is it normal mode it’s really smooth and progressive and nice there’s more suspension travel than there is in a regular tie can although the suspension is exactly the same as it is in any other ti-can they’ve softened it a bit with the wheel mounts and the anti-roll bars so it just feels a little more accommodating and slick and smooth across the ground when you turn it into corners though and i’m only in normal mode at the moment you get a little bit of roll which you don’t in the thai can the standard ti-cam feels very direct and like it doesn’t roll at all so you can nose it into corners very very precisely this and i think it’s completely in keeping with the kind of car it is but you can cut that out let’s go for sport mode sport mode sharper throttle more cause to use the brakes and we will talk about the brakes actually because porsche doesn’t believe in one pedal systems it thinks you have to use the brake so even if you put on the brake regeneration you don’t get a lot of brake you have to use the pedal to actually get it to slow down porsche has completely overspecified the brakes for the turbo s cross turismo they’re carbon ceramics the front discs are 420 mil the rears are 410 and they’re grabbed by 10 piston calipers i mean they’re phenomenally powerful and the irony is is that you barely ever use them up to i think it’s 0.3 g that’s all done by the motors only after that do the wheel brakes get used you can go so quickly cross-country and smoothly that’s the key to it i think is that it doesn’t feel like you’re working the car very hard for passengers it feels like a very very smooth ride but tell you what let’s go for sport plus that puts the dampers in the firmest of their three settings i don’t know if you can hear that but that also engages the sport sound and in terms of the speed it can deliver honestly it’s too quick i really like this car i really really like this car it just jets between the corners so capably so you compare it to other fast estates you know compared to an rs6 or something like that and i think this has got the chassis balance and dexterity to beat that it feels a lighter car which is weird to me but it is only when you go bananas in it suddenly become aware of how much weight it’s coping with so you end up just carrying speed in it and this is still in sport plus mode so where’d you go from here well there’s a reason why the cross turismo has an extra 20 millimeters of ground clearance additional body cladding and those optional stone guards the tai can cross turismo has a gravel mode ready it’s got smoke coming up from all four wheels on gravel so here we are doing 75 miles an hour up a dirt track fun and games at sweet land doesn’t get better than this i’m amazed how together it feels around here it’s just the torque out of corners and the instantness of it so you can really there you go just hold it you can hold the steering wheel pretty much straight while this thing just rockets off it’s got 50 50 weight distribution but when it gets starts purposing front and rear it behaves like each axle is levering against the other and that’s a 911 trait but it’s noticeable on the road or more noticeable on the road than it is here because here it’s all loose and you’re just sort of playing around and about with it there you go but what i’m amazed at also is a how together it sounds i mean there’s no creaks or rattles from it anywhere and b how good that power distribution is drifting off camber corners at sweet lamb in an electric estate car just terrific in an electric car this just feels weird feels a bit wrong makes no noise and cars that don’t make noise it’s really hard if you’re trying to drive quickly or on the loose do you want that noise from the drivetrain so you know how much traction you’ve got what the grip is how hard the engine’s working all that stuff and with electric you don’t really get it it’s just got so much traction and grip makes me think what a rally car one of these would be like apart from out of range after a hundred miles the handling balance of this car absolutely spot on you’d never do this in a tie cam but here in this it feels born to do it look at this though yes just feed it round there i’m amazed by this actually because it feels quite stiffly suspended in gravel mode when you’ve raised the suspension up it’s still got a bit of sway but you can play with that balance so well no tycan crosstarismo owner is ever going to do this with their car but isn’t it cool to know that it can do it this well it’s just a family estate car isn’t it but those brakes i have to say they’re tremendous but they are so powerful that with a bit of left foot breaking for the corners you’re almost getting too much too much bite from them thai can cross turismo on gravel who knew this would be one of my best driving events of the last year or more i love this car i love how smooth how capable it is how beautifully engineered it is how well it rides the ride’s fabulous i really really like this car come on bloody love it i absolutely love it i’m so impressed with what it can do but in order to function as a family car the four-strong cross turismo range which starts at 80 grand and runs up to this turbo s at 140 grand needs to be capable of more than just rally stage heroics right while i’m in here let me show you around the cabin a bit it’s got a lovely lovely driving environment beautiful steering wheel lovely to hold and the seats are perfect and the driving position i just can’t fault it and you can actually understand the screens mostly in this and operate them there’s a lot of them though including one on the passenger side which i’m sure isn’t standard and then the rest of the cockpit the only thing it’s a beautifully beautifully built car the only thing that bugs me is this little line of stitching here which doesn’t quite perfectly follow the arc of the curve apart from that though it’s got space it’s really comfortable can’t fault it right let’s have a look under the bonnet where when i can open it from the key you’ll find an 84 liter storage area so it’s just like a 911 under here you’ll get more than your cables in there if you want to i know i’ve talked about this before but look at the size of those brakes 420 millimeter discs and 10 piston calipers when they get hot they have so much power and bite they really can bring 2 300 kilos of cross turismo under control you’ve got double wishbone front suspension and it’s adaptive air suspension so there’s air springs and you can vary the ride height charging look you wipe your finger under there and up she goes so you’ve got two charging ports one this side and one the other side this one is your home charger the one the other side is the direct currents the fast charger up to 270 kilowatts can hose charge into the car really fast gonna be need to be using one of these soon because i’m down to about 36 battery right rear seats this is going to be important for you i suspect so there’s no more legroom than there is in the standard ti cam because the whole car is only 11 millimeters longer overall but you get 34 millimeters of extra headroom and that does really improve the feeling of space in the back of the car you’ll notice that there’s only two chairs in the back of this at the moment you can have a three-seat bench instead and then the boot press a button on the outside up it goes you’ve got a lot of space in here a lot of depth in here so you’ve got up to 1171 liters of space overall if you fold the back seats down it’s not as big as an rs6 or an e63 but you’d probably cope two things to be aware of though this angle here means you’ve got a quite a shallow angle so you cut down the load space and also the width of the boot isn’t big and you’ve got an enormous amount of space from the side of the boot through to the edge of the car but who cares about boot space when it looks this good i mean i thought it looked good clean but covered in a layer of rally muck it looks fantastic speaking of which i think one more layer of rally muck is probably in order you

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