Porsche Taycan: easier, more accessible, more fun?

Porsche Taycan: easier, more accessible, more fun?


Now the budget “Taikang” is the variant with the designation 4S, which is equipped with a 530-strong powertrain and can travel without recharging up to 407 km this electric car Is at least 108 000 dollars.

But, as the publication said Car; head of research and development of Porsche, Michael Steiner, Porsche is already working on a more affordable version. It is planned to reduce the cost by simplifying the power plant and the replacement of 79.2-kilowatt battery pack in less capacious.


Thus, the base Porsche Taycan may lose all-wheel drive, the presence of which in the current versions provides the use of two electric motors, one for each axis. The rejection of one of them and, therefore, the transformation of “Taikang” in rear-drive electric vehicle will greatly reduce its cost. Presumably, the debut of the novelty will take place next year, if Porsche can cope with the existing flow of orders.

According to Steiner, this will be Taycan focused primarily on markets where buyers do not consider the all-wheel drive mandatory “part program” – for example, in Chinese.

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