Porsche Taycan made you forget about the 911 and Panamera

Porsche Taycan made you forget about the 911 and Panamera


Gasoline crossovers remain the brand’s bestsellers.

Porsche has summed up the results of the first three quarters of 2021. In nine months, the German automaker delivered 217,198 vehicles worldwide, a 13% increase over the same period in 2020.

The USA again became the most dynamically developing market: sales there increased immediately by 30% – up to 51 615 units. In total, 63,025 vehicles (+ 29%) were sent to the American continent. The company specifically noted that, according to the latest research by J.D. Power, Porsche remains the most attractive premium brand in North America.

China retained the status of the largest market for the brand: 69,789 cars (+ 11%) were delivered there from January to September. If we include the entire Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East region, sales were 97,841 units (+ 12%).

In Europe, the Porsche was doing well: the figures grew by only 2% – to 56,332 units. A third of this amount – 19,099 cars – fell on the manufacturer’s home country, Germany, in which the positive dynamics was more noticeable (+ 9%).

Interestingly, the Taycan electric car turned out to be the most popular passenger car model globally. Having sold 28,640 units in three quarters, it bypassed not only the Panamera (20,275 units, + 1%), but also the iconic Porsche 911 (27,972 units, + 10%). The demand for sports cars of the junior 718 family remained at the level of the previous year: the company sold 15,916 Cayman coupes and Boxster roadsters (+ 1%). The Cayenne crossover remains the brand’s bestseller so far with 62,451 units sold, but the more compact Macan is on its heels: in 9 months its sales grew by 12% to 61,944 units.

Looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see why Porsche is looking to expand its EV lineup as soon as possible, and is pinning particular hopes on the battery-powered Macan as its next ICE-less model.

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