Porsche Taycan will be made faster and “smarter”

Porsche Taycan will be made faster and “smarter”


Porsche has prepared a software update for the Taycan. The free upgrade will make cars faster and smarter by adding new features.

Last fall, the brand introduced the first major update to the Taycan, which became available for 2020 electric cars. Now the electric car in the Turbo S version accelerates faster: acceleration to 200 kilometers per hour takes 0.2 seconds less – 9.6 seconds.

Taycan equipped with adaptive air suspension will get Smartlift functionality with the update. It “remembers” the location of irregularities on repeated routes (for example, speed bumps) and automatically increases the ground clearance.

A number of other improvements are related to battery and charging. Now the Taycan can calculate the level of charge with which it will get to the destination, as well as tell through the mobile app when to stop charging and hit the road.

A mode has appeared that reduces the charging power from 270 to 200 kilowatts – this allows you to reduce the temperature of the battery and prevents early wear. In addition, at the end of this year it will be possible to retrofit sedans with an on-board charger with a capacity of 22 kilowatts.

Finally, the Taycan now displays more information, such as lane-accurate traffic data in real time. IPhone applications including Apple Podcasts are available in the Porsche Communication Management infotainment system. Integration with Android smartphones is still not available.

Despite the fact that the update is exclusively about software, owners will still have to visit dealerships. Porsche explained this with concern for safety: since the update affects the power plant and other important systems of the car, Porsche needs to make sure that the electric cars are returned to their owners in full working order.

Earlier, Porsche hinted at expanding the Taycan family. After the presentation of the Cross Turismo station wagon in early March, it became known that the company could release two-door versions of an electric sports car, and another five-door.

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