Porsche unveils sixth generation PCM

Porsche unveils sixth generation PCM


The proprietary Porsche Communication Management (PCM) media system has passed into the sixth generation: a new multimedia modification will appear on production cars Porsche 911, Panamera and Cayenne this summer, and a little later on the Taycan electric car.

The interiors of the Porsche 911, Panamera, Cayenne and Taycan will not change, even the dimensions of the screens will remain, but the devices themselves are endowed with new hardware, unified with the MIB 3 technology of the Volkswagen concern. But the main thing is the new software, which was developed by the Porsche Digital division.

The new PCM 6.0 media system supports over-the-air updates. Voice control in multimedia has been significantly improved: the system now recognizes “free speech”, and you can now activate the voice assistant with the phrase “Hey Porsche”. The menu structure has become not so deep, there is now a familiar “drag-and-drop” function for mobile applications, which allows you to quickly transfer icons, as well as files.

The Apple CarPlay interface is now wireless, and a direct connection to Apple Music and podcasts has been added. In addition, Porsche decided to integrate Android Auto: previously it was not available for image reasons. In addition, PCM 6.0 multimedia can be remotely connected to a smartphone via the Porsche Connect service: it not only allows you to monitor the parameters of the car, but also allows you to influence the car parker.

With the new PCM 6.0 media system, the Porsche Track Precision app, which was previously only used on the 911 and 718 sports cars, will become standard. It will now be available on all models with PCM 6.0. In fact, it is a “digital instructor” that is activated on the race tracks, and also displays the telemetry of the race. Race results can be sent to a smartphone and synchronized with video recording.

And for electric cars (this is not only the existing Taycan model, but also the future Macan), Porsche is preparing its own unique soundtrack. Soundtrack My Life for PCM 6.0 Multimedia allows you to download and configure soundtracks. Composer Boris Salkhov was invited to work on the soundtrack, while Porsche will present the final version later.

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