Porsche will be sport seats print on a 3D printer

Porsche will be sport seats print on a 3D printer


Porsche has developed an unusual alternative to traditional upholstered chairs – now the Central part of the cushion and backrest, the new sports seats-ladles specialists will print on a 3D printer. Car buyers, in turn, will be able to choose from three levels of stiffness: high, medium or low.

A new seat was created on the basis of the lightweight “bucket” Porsche using sandwich panels. Its basic design consists of a combination of foamed polypropylene with a breathable layer, and a combination of materials based on polyurethane, printed on 3D-printer.

Due to the fact that the outer part of the new seat is made of a material with large perforations, it is possible to create an optimum microclimate, thereby providing passive climate control. And specially inserted zones allow you to see printed on a 3D printer color parts lattice structure, giving the chair a unique look.


To buy a new seat will be in may 2020 program Porsche Tequipment. The first owners of the innovation buckets will become the owners of the Porsche models 911, and 718. The number of first party will be limited to 40 prototypes of chairs, which in combination with shestietazhnyj seat belts will be used in European races.

According to the German automaker, from mid-2021 new seats-buckets can be ordered everyone through the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in three versions hardness and different colors.

Printed on a 3D printer or a normal chair you prefer with the same price?

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