Porsche will begin to produce engines for Singer

Porsche will begin to produce engines for Singer


Many motorists dream of the Singer 911 – a classic German coupe with a modern vision. In addition, Porsche will start producing engines commissioned by the American company.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to Carbuzz.

The American division of Porsche Motorsport will start assembling the engines. The very fact that Porsche is producing engines for a third-party manufacturer is a historic event.

Porsche has commented on the news as follows:

“Our new collaboration is focused exclusively on the manufacture of new parts and the assembly of remanufactured engines.”

Details of the contract between Singer and Porsche have not yet been released. The German automaker will essentially manufacture new components and overhaul motors for Singer. To date, Singer only installs naturally aspirated engines on its vehicles.

The engines will be assembled at Porsche Motorsport’s US headquarters in Los Angeles as part of the Porsche Experience Center. The characteristics of the assembled Porsche engines are still kept secret.

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