Porsche will take your favorite road to a video game

Porsche will take your favorite road to a video game


Porsche has announced the Virtual Roads project. This is a software solution that will allow drivers to quickly digitize any route and transfer it to a racing simulator using just a smartphone with the appropriate application.

It usually takes months or even years to develop a new video game. So, in order to transfer a real-life track with all its features into the virtual world, it is first scanned for a long time with the help of lasers, and then the received materials are transferred into a “digit”. Porsche decided to use the technologies of the Swiss startup Way Ahead Technologies, which allow you to convert the recorded video into a three-dimensional environment, spending a hundred times less time.

Way Ahead Technologies software uses “artificial intelligence” to create a digital replica of the road, taking into account the topography: depending on the complexity of the route, up to eight kilometers can be digitized in less than an hour. Nobody’s personal data is affected: the system does not record other road users. The resulting file can be loaded into a racing simulator, such as Assetto Corsa.

Over time, the developers hope to make the virtual driving experience more realistic by recording not only video, but also information from various vehicle sensors. Unfortunately, even the approximate dates for the commercial release of Porsche Virtual Roads have not yet been indicated.

Back in 2016, the German automaker opened Porsche Digital, a division dedicated to various digital projects. Like similar structures of other brands, it not only conducts independent development, but also actively invests in startups in order to gain access to their technologies.

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