Portugal lit up another McLaren Senna worth a million euros

Portugal lit up another McLaren Senna worth a million euros


In the Portuguese city of Braga on fire hypercar McLaren Senna worth a million euros. According to local media reports, the fire occurred in the engine compartment, but the cause of the incident is still unknown. Last year it already the third similar case with the Senna model.

Apparently, the car is owned by a Portuguese businessman, caught fire while driving. This is evidenced by pictures from the scene: Senna is on the road, blocking one lane. Arrived on the scene firefighters extinguished the fire, but never found the reason why the fire occurred.

In July last year, another Senna McLaren caught fire during a demonstration-in the course of the race weekend of the Formula 1 track on the Austrian “Red bull Ring”. The audience took video of how enveloped in smoke luxury car returns to the pits, and from under the stern escape the flames. And six months before this YouTube blogger Salomondrin made a video of how to burn his McLaren Senna, bought just 11 days earlier. Then hypercar is also lit up during the movement and the fire originated in the engine compartment.


In the autumn of 2019, the company McLaren announced the recall of 129 instances of Senna sold on the North American market. Then the reason is called “wiring problem”. It was reported that the defect may cause reduced engine power, stop and also the ingress of unburned fuel in the catalytic Converter.

McLaren Senna, named in honor of three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna, was released in a limited edition of 500 copies. In motion it results in twin-turbo “eight” power of 800 HP, which ensures acceleration from standstill to “hundreds” of 2.8 seconds. The car’s top speed is 340 kilometers per hour.

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