Powerful Competition BMW M8 coupe accelerates to “hundred” for 2,8 seconds

Powerful Competition BMW M8 coupe accelerates to “hundred” for 2,8 seconds


Popular edition BMWBLOG resorted to the help of a professional racer Martin his name’s Tomczyk, who had to figure out how fast is M8 in high performance Competition. To the first “hundred” car is dispersed for 2.88 seconds, while acceleration to 200 km/h it took 9,93 seconds.

It is known that the German brands tend to be extremely careful when it comes to the disclosure of details about the engine power of their new products. Take, for example, the powerful M5 sedan in the performance Competition, which is equipped with a 4.4-litre V8 with two turbines. On assurances of representatives of the company, this engine can give out 617 horsepower when using a manual transmission.


On the test car on the dyno, which was held earlier this year, the machine was able to show the same power that is called “on wheels”. But the real value of the torque was almost 10% higher than specified in the Datasheet – 822 Nm.

Why I mentioned the M5? The fact that the flagship M8 Competition Coupe uses the same engine that is very powerful sedan. Thus, we can expect that the most powerful family car of the BMW M today will offer identical performance. Probably with more power than stated in official documents. Passport, M8 in this Competition will accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

Popular edition BMWBLOG asked a German professional racing driver Martin his name’s Tomczyk get behind the wheel M8 Competition Coupe and experience the car on the race track. To the first “hundred” car can be accelerated for 2.88 seconds, but the speed mark of 200 km/h was able to overcome in 9,93 seconds. Thus, the high-performance Bavarian model is able to show results that are comparable with many supercars.

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