Powerslides with the D1 Drifters

Powerslides with the D1 Drifters


Having been impressed with the Vauxhall Monaro’s incredible power slides, Richard takes the new VXR model out for a test spin around a very wet track. But what will Japan’s D1 Drifters make of the Monaro’s power sliding abilities?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

this is the Vauxhall Monaro and if it seems familiar that’s because we tested this car last year on pending sands in Wales we loved its big honest simplicity its v8 power and its amazing value for money but most of all we loved the ease with which it could do huge power slides in short it completely won our heart but now there’s a new and at first it seems nothing has changed inside you still get lashings of leather a CD player aircon electric seats and all the other usual luxuries but outside you’ll notice a difference it’s grown a pair of nostrils and it’s called v XR so we’ve brought it to the track because frankly we think this manaro should be kept in a controlled environment you see underneath that Kenneth Williams wallet it’s got more engine that means more it’s now 6 liters instead of 5.7 nor to 65.2 seconds top speed 80 miles an hour 37 that makes it the fastest Vauxhall since the Mentalist Lotus Carlton of the 90s but before we let off the party poppers just hold on a minute you see Vauxhall have fiddled with the suspension and move the position of the fuel tank which leaves us with a question does the Monaro still have what made it a great car does it still handle like a dream in other words is this still the car we fell in love with appender well to find out we’ve drafted in some help from our special friends in Japan these are the d1 drifters the world’s greatest power sliders they’re heavy smokers and they make a car go around a corner into an art form and whereas we can slide a car for five seconds and then run to mummy these gentlemen can do it all day long naturally the type of car they use is very important and it really is a case of old dogs new tricks this Mazda rx-7 and this Nissan 200sx may be eligible for bus passes but drifters love them for their rear-wheel drive agility the engines do need extra oomph though so they’re chipped and nitrous up to 500 brake horsepower so with that kind of machine as a company car what will the drift is think of my oxen this is mr. Kazan yeah it’s one of their top guys are doing this and it’s gonna give me some hints make sure I get the best out of an arrow find out what it can really do unfortunately doesn’t really speak any English not so right on with expert use of his marigold he said about teaching me the art of drifting before the corner turn before the corner turn before the corner right Oh let’s try that again one no mortar no less time oh no little little too much maybe i saturated right here we got rid of you turn more power saw but then it started to come together more importantly it was a sure sign that the VXR had lost none of the original manero’s handling ability let’s break down the and if it made me look good you can guess what it did in the hands of mysticism it’s not first time in the car good car will go look up noises things above safely say that in Midway Luminara is still it’s truly great job done so now we’ve got a choice you can watch me have another go or we can let the Drifters show off a bit more and you you

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