Pre-orders for a motorhome based on Tesla Cybertruck exceeded $ 100 million

Pre-orders for a motorhome based on Tesla Cybertruck exceeded $ 100 million


The Tesla Cybertruck, introduced in 2019 and still not on sale, got a foldable RV version from Stream It earlier this year. The CyberLandr YouTube channel, which is dedicated to the project of the same name, has a new video about the process of working on the foldable module, and Stream It announced that by December the number of pre-orders for the unusual camper exceeded the $ 100 million mark.

Stream It sells the CyberLandr RV for $ 49,995, the same as the Cybertruck pickup. From April to December, more than two thousand people made pre-orders for the camper, who have already made a deposit of $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

CyberLandr is a folding structure that, when folded, fits into the Tesla Cybertruck cargo box, and when unfolded turns into a living module consisting of a kitchen, bedroom and workplace. A solar panel with a power of up to 500 watts is integrated into the roof of the module. Also, the design provides for six windows with electrochromic glass and retractable steps.

Stream It is not the first company to offer a similar modification for a pickup truck that has not yet entered the market. For example, in November, FORM presented its development: a folding living module, which also fits on the cargo platform of a pickup truck, but when unfolded is not a superstructure, but a separate block with an area of ​​6.6 square meters. Inside there is a sleeping area, a small kitchen with a stove, a shower and a toilet, as well as plenty of storage space. A total of 500 of these foldable modules are planned to be released, however, unlike the Stream It project, they are suitable not only for the Tesla Cybertruck, but also for the Ford F-150, Silverado and other popular pickups.

According to Electrek, Tesla Cybertruck itself has already been ordered by about a million people, and the serial production of the model should begin only in 2023: the launch of the assembly had to be postponed due to the global shortage of microchips.

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