Pre-production Mercedes EQE filmed in the city

Pre-production Mercedes EQE filmed in the city


Mercedes-Benz continues to test the EQE electric sedan, and car hunters are trying to catch it in their lenses. This time, the promising model was not seen at the Nürburgring circuit, but in ordinary urban conditions.

The prototype from the new video is similar to the one we saw in April – even the set of wheels is the same. The camouflage has not diminished, but both the body and the optics under it already look serial. And this is not surprising: Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius announced back in March that the EQE premiere will take place this September in Munich, the new location of the international German motor show, previously held in Frankfurt.

Technically, the Mercedes-Benz EQE is close to the older EQS, but if the flagship electric car is a liftback, then in this case we are dealing with a sedan with a traditional trunk lid. Earlier it was reported that the battery analogue of the E-class, already in the basic configuration, will receive a twin-engine four-wheel drive with a total output of over 408 hp. and 765 Nm, and the AMG version, which also has already come across spies, will develop more than 500 hp. The expected power reserve on a single charge is around 600 kilometers.

For a start, the production of EQE will be established in Bremen, but later the model will also be registered in Beijing. In addition, it has been officially confirmed that the sedan will be followed by the EQE SUV crossover – similar to the EQS SUV, the prototype of which we saw in early May.

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