Precum distancing selichos to contact’yazku!



The situation s pochinenny VRUs COVID-19 vimage zminyuvati umovi Nacho tsno spitrit.

On vikonannya wimag, schodo otrimannya regime quarantine, ustanovlennogo zgidno s Postanovku Cabnet Ministrv of Ukraine №211 from 11.03.2020 R., zgidno iz smami Decreed Cabnet Ministrv of Ukraine №215 from 16.03.2020 R. not can of Primate vdduv in AVTOSALON. That, for the period d quarantine in salon be held the exhibition-ekspozycja automobilw and mi precum distanceno. Torgoley the operation of the dealership not to.

Red podoiti scho mi precum distancing formula about zasobi contact’yazku for producing consultations:

  1. Contact vddlo prodaju: (044) 536-96-99
  2. E-Posta: [email protected]
  3. Request through the form on sit
  4. Viber, Telegram, Messenger for ContactName phones our managerw, that Rozman on Sait
  5. Also, zasobom to contact’yazku salesas our storni from Facebook

Servce center salesas pracowali for You for Grafton: MON-SAT s 9-00 to 18-00

Anionites s models, the trim of pressing CNAME on avtomobl always perhaps on sit.

It’s important! In primen functio Bankside vdden, nadeutsa services Strahuvannya, working repair area iz otrimannya staff usih zachodu ubezpieczenia, POV’yazanyh iz wintney and pochinenny VRUs (COVID-19). I ask You datamovie zachodu ndial Zahist when vddon.

Papered zamovlennya zamovlennya the Novi scho nadili zasobami distancing contact’yazku: viciouse iz zastosuvannya adresno delivery zamovlen; after poperednii pay; on umovah standard contract kupul sale automoble; s vikonannya vimoh zabezpechennya staff zasobami ndial Zahist.

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