Premium motorhome Malibu

Premium motorhome Malibu


This RV has four doors, two of which are in the cab, one in the middle of the body on the right and one in the back.

The German-made Carthago motorhome belongs to the luxury models that can bring true travel pleasure thanks to its comfort.

The car was designed based on a very reliable model – Fiat Ducato.

There is a lot of space in such a motorhome: in Malibu there is a giant bed, which is considered a double bed, but it can easily accommodate four travelers. Sleeping places are equipped with orthopedic mattresses, there is also an option with an extra bed in a folding tent upstairs.

Next to a truly royal bed is a bathroom with a shower and a cassette toilet, which is hidden in the side wall using a patented rotating device and slides out as needed.

The kitchen area is equipped with a stove and a large compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 84 liters with a spacious freezer. The RV also has a 24-inch flat screen satellite dish.

Prices for such a camper start from 47 350 euros.

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