Premium SUV based on Toyota Crown sold better than the rival BMW X5

Premium SUV based on Toyota Crown sold better than the rival BMW X5


Brand from China literally turned the sedan in the best-selling SUV. Premium Toyota Crown clone of the previous generation was named Hongqi HS7. Over the past three months since the start of sales of the Hongqi Hs7 has sold 3,000 units. With this result he managed to beat the Bavarian five. In China, the Chinese are not far behind the Germans in terms of equipment. It not only has numerous options, but all for comfortable use.

In length Hongqi HS7 reaches 5095 mm. In the engine range included the upgraded V6. Returns a three-liter unit is 338 forces. When this torque is reached 445 Nm. The power unit is paired with 8-speed automatic transmission from Aisin. Other technical capacity from a premium SUV to wait was not worth it. Hongqi primarily offered Asinowski machine. The drive even in the basic version are split into two axes.


Luxury Hongqi HS7 boast decent technical equipment. It includes a package of intelligent assistants, adaptive cruise enabled mirror mode, all-round visibility and a number of additional algorithms in AI. Parking assistant is present.

As a comparison, we can give preference to the closest rival, the BMW X5. Substantial difference in price does not affect quality. The Chinese boldly approached the renowned German automotive industry.

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