Prepares forced BMW sportbike S1000RR?


The patent office of Germany was “motorcycle with a supercharged internal combustion engine” – a motorcycle with a supercharged internal combustion engine.

It’s not about the model compressor engine as Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R and not a mysterious new product with a turbocharger and a motorcycle fitted with an electric boost. This technology is already used on some cars – the first was a diesel crossover Audi Q7 TDI.

The pressurization system of this type is not a belt from the crankshaft and not by the energy of exhaust gases. For it to work – at least, so it is implemented on the car – requires an additional 48-volt electrical system with separate battery. The compressor comes to life immediately after the engine is started and is intended to minimize the effect of turbo pint (if we are talking about toronadoes the engine) or in the case of motorcycle add “meat” to the low and medium rpm. For example, on the above Audi electric device spins up to 70 thousand rpm and comes in 250 milliseconds.


Released naduvnye version of the BMW S1000RR or any other bike with such a system, obviously the weight equipment? It is too early to draw conclusions, but foreign media reports suggest that the implementation of such exotic ideas are possible. As argument, they cite carbon fiber “rocket” HP4 Race, which appeared 18 months after placement of the patent.

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