Preparing a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with active aerodynamics


In the Internet published patent images of the all-new sportbike, which can very effectively “talk” with the air flow.

What you see in the pictures is a patent CBR1000RR Fireblade images of the next generation. It will be a completely new motorcycle, a design which will use the innovation as active aerodynamics. We are talking about four moving the winglets, the drive of which is controlled electronically. Depending on the situation they change the angle of attack – at high speeds are arranged conventionally in a horizontal plane and do not create resistance, and the braking deviate and increase downforce.


Also note the possible changes that may occur with the appearance of the motorcycle. Instead of the traditional exterior, we will probably see kaptyrevo style grasping RC213V. The front part sportbike “blind” – it is decorated with a Central air intake, inside which will hide the head optics. Another important innovation will be the increase in power. It is expected that the Fireblade will no longer walk in oustider recoil and get an engine developing over 200 horsepower.

According to preliminary data, the sportbike will present sooner than you can imagine – no noyabrskoe the exhibition EICMA, October 23 at the Tokyo motor show.

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  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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