Presentation and First review of the new SEAT Leon 2020

Presentation and First review of the new SEAT Leon 2020


Our team has been at the official presentation of the new SEAT Leon in Martorell (Spain). This is the fourth generation of the most popular, emotional, and technologically advanced car of the line SEAT.

Earlier we already told you about the appearance of the new hatchback, on available to it the power plants, as well as prospects for the emergence on the Ukrainian market. But the presentation did you find additional (a very important) part. For example, that Leon, when compared with the Golf, still a little cheaper.

But the interesting thing is that the more simple the technology used in the Spanish hatch, does not mean that it is worse. A vivid example is the absence of touch buttons on the steering wheel. They remained physical, and many, very many potential buyers for such “outdated” approach will be much closer. And this is just one example.

The main thing is that Leon is a fourth generation, having arrived in Ukraine, will create an alternative to the Volkswagen Golf. In the sense that the set of power plants, and transmission from them will be different. And let a “robot” DSG you can hear the different, the ability to get a car with this unit will create the opportunity to choose. “But choice is always good.”

Read more in our video review. Pleasant viewing!

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