Presented an unusual concept Project Maybach

Presented an unusual concept Project Maybach


Concern Daimler showed a concept car called Project Maybach in Miami. This huge coupe with an electric motor does not fit the traditional image of Maybach cars.

The Project Maybach two-door, which looks about 6 meters long, has an angular design. The luggage compartment pillars on the roof form an imitation of a roll cage. Instead of bumpers, there are kenguryatniks on the concept, and power steps protrude under the doors of the car.

The Project Maybach looks more like a safari SUV than the classic limousine associated with the Maybach name. The front of the concept is hung with LED spotlights, there is an ax in the doorway, and there is room for a removable trunk at the end of the dashboard. The Project Maybach seats can be folded down to sleep in nature.

Solar panels are hidden under the transparent hood of the concept. They will make it possible to store some of the excess energy so that the Maybach electric car does not run out of battery power somewhere far from civilized roads. There is no information about the power plant of this car.

Project Maybach is the result of a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and the renowned fashion designer and creative director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. He died suddenly on November 28 of this year, hiding his serious illness until the last moment. Therefore, the value of this car as a piece of art has increased even more.

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