Presented electric car, which can be compressed in the parking lot

Presented electric car, which can be compressed in the parking lot


The Israeli company City Transformer brought the eponymous electric transformer car to the Munich Motor Show.

The compact electric City Transformer can change its track width in order to take up less space in the parking space. As the publication Autocar clarifies, the “folding” car was estimated at the base 12 thousand 500 euros at the stage of pre-order, but later the price of the new item will rise to 16 thousand euros.

The width of the City Transformer with two seats located one behind the other in “parking” mode is only 1 meter. The developers of the electric car claim that in this state the car saves up to 75% of the parking space: up to four City Transformers can be placed in one standard place. Accordingly, the chance to find a parking space on the street of a metropolis for the owner of City Transformer increases 10 times and is comparable to a motorcycle. To save space, City Transformer is equipped with “lambo doors”: they fold up.

For more confident movement at high speeds, the City Transformer track can be increased to 1.4 meters: the wheels on each side of the electric vehicle extend by 20 cm.The wheelbase of the car does not change and is 1.8 meters with the total City length Transformer 2.5 meters.

The City Transformer electric car is based on a specially designed skateboard platform and is equipped with two electric motors of 7.5 kW each. It accelerates to a speed of 50 km / h in 5 seconds. The maximum speed of such a car is 90 km / h. One battery charge lasts for 180 km. Exactly when the automaker plans to start shipping electric cars City Transformer, it has not been announced.

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