Presented electric motorhome Iridium E-Mobil 70EB/Generation 2 RV


The assurance of the creators of elektrodom on wheels, his movement range is at least 400 km – the car had the battery 108 kW*h Cost of Iridium E-Mobil RV is 200 000 euros.

Fans of automobile travel, which is also like electric cars probably often wonder about when it will be finally an electric RV? The Iridium gave the answer to this question in January last year – then was shown the very first electric Kemper (the show was held at the “Travel Fair” in Stuttgart, Germany). Iridium is named E-Mobil RV, the car offered a cruising range of only 200 km.

But now the guys made an updated version of its model. According to the assurances of the company, battery capacity of 108 kWh would provide a motorhome with energy sufficient to overcome 400 km.


Published in video, a certain Andrew Ditton met with the team of engineers Iridium at the event, Caravan Salon D?sseldorf 2020. According to them, the new E-Mobil 70EB/Generation 2 has become one of the main attractions at the company’s booth. It is based on the Mooveo motorhome built on the chassis of the Fiat Ducato/RAM ProMaster. Was replaced by the turbo-diesel engine to the electric counterpart, but also added battery.

In Generation 2 used electric synchronous motor with 188 HP (730 Nm). Its battery is a lithium type. It is reported that the cost of the Iridium E-Mobil RV is 200 000 euros. Charging happens via a special connector. The maximum weight of the electric motorhome will amount to 4 800 kg.

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