Presented Lightyear One: the electric car, chargeable from the sun

Presented Lightyear One: the electric car, chargeable from the sun

The first electric car which is said Dutch startup Lightyear, taking orders, although production car off the Assembly line in 2021

Show car to the public took place in the morning 25.06.2019 in the town Katwijk. Startup has created a group of enthusiasts in 2016, which were collected by electric vehicles for competitions Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, where he was able to compete only car feeding on solar energy. Participants Lightyear managed to become Champions 3 times: in 2013, 2015 and 2017 In the end, the team members decided that the experience gained will be suitable for the development of commercial vehicles.

The idea – use as a energy source a natural resource – sunlight. It will help extend the reserve network from one charge to another.

In design – solar panels that covered the entire horizontal surface of the body. Their total area is 5 sq. m. Solar battery is protected by a special coating, durability is not in doubt, because it can withstand the weight of an adult. The body itself has optimized in aerodynamic terms, however, the CX parameter is not specified.

The use of solar panels gives 20 thousand “extra” miles in a year: a specific value is difficult to specify: it depends on the location of the car. The total reserve – record, and is 725 km. Under normal charging from a household socket per night you can fill accumulators up to 350 km, and if you use the terminal, then in an hour you “gain” energy by 570 km.